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Form 13F Information



Form 13F—Reports Filed by Institutional Investment Managers. An institutional investment manager that uses the U.S. mail (or other means or instrumentality of interstate commerce) in the course of its business, and exercises investment discretion over $100 million or more in Section 13(f) securities (explained below) must report its holdings on Form 13F with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


Form 13F instructions. General instructions for creating a Form 13-F filing; instructions for confidential treatment requests; special instructions for the cover page, summary page and information table;


Form 13F instructions and form in PDF format


Official List of Form 13F securities.


Frequently Asked Questions about Form 13F.



Form 13F Filing Deadlines for 2018
Reporting Period   Filing Deadline
December 31, 2017   February 14, 2018
March 31, 2018   May 15, 2018
June 30, 2018   August 14, 2018
September 30, 2018   November 14, 2018
December 31, 2018   February 14, 2019