Form N-PX Online Workstation is now Live!

Electronic Publishing Services, Inc. (EPS) and it’s EDGAR services division of (EFA) are pleased to announce that their latest Online Workstation for Form N-PX is now live.

Once we heard about the changes to N-PX and how they affected all of our 13F filers, we knew that an Online Workstation (OLWS) for N-PX was needed. In fact, we made the operation of the N-PX OLWS similar to that of the 13F OLWS so that all of the 13F self-filers would be able to transition with a minimal learning curve.

For those institutional managers who will be reporting “Say-on-pay” proxy votes, the system can accept either an excel file of the voting data or an EDGAR-ready XML file (for those whose proxy voting providers can supply one).

All of our Online Workstations provide a web-based tool which allows any filer or service provider to completely create, manage, and file EDGAR forms. Although designed primarily for use on a desktop or laptop system, these OLWs are usable on any internet connected device. There is no software to download to buy. You only pay for LIVE filings and any subsequent amendments.

We are doing demos of the N-PX OLWS now. If interested, give us a call!