Form N-PX Online Workstation is now Live!

Electronic Publishing Services, Inc. (EPS) and it’s EDGAR services division of EDGARfilingagent.com (EFA) are pleased to announce that their latest Online Workstation for Form N-PX is now live. Once we heard about the changes to N-PX and how they affected all of our 13F filers, we knew that an Online Workstation (OLWS) for N-PX was

New Rules and Formatting Changes to Form 13F Beginning 2023

== We have some new rules and formatting changes to Form 13F beginning today (January 3, 2023) with the 12/31/2022 reporting period which are summarized below. Cover Page: The Institutional Investment Manager is now requested to disclose any CRD Number and/or SEC File Number if they exist. Summary Page: On lists of reporting managers, also

Form 13F Confidential Treatment Requests

As of September 19, 2022, Confidential Treatment Requests on Form 13F can now be filed electronically using the new EDGAR form type 13F-CTR. This new Form 13F-CTR is available on the EFA Form 13F Online Workstation. It can be done as a self-service filing or you can outsource the work to us! Demos are available.

Changes Coming to Form 13F in 2023

  The SEC announced on June 23, 2022 they are adopting amendments to the rules and filing format of Form 13F beginning in January of 2023. Changes included are: General. Requests for confidential treatment will now be required to be made in electronic format rather than paper format. 13F Cover Page. Institutional Investment Manager to

Form 13F-HR Q1 2022 Filing Deadline and Official List of 13F Securities

  It’s the beginning of the filing period for the Q1 2022 13F. With the filing deadline landing on a Sunday, the adjusted filing deadline this quarter is Monday May 16th. The Official List of 13F Securities in Excel format for the period ending March 31, 2022 is available. Yearly subscriptions are available.